Five Valley Chorus
Sweet Adelines International
Missoula, MT
Our Mission Statement: Five Valley Chorus is a family of joyful women bonded together by our love of singing and performing four-part a cappella harmony while providing opportunities for growth and education for women of all ages.
Our Scholarship Program is being reviewed and revised in 2022.
Please check back for updates.

Five Valley Chorus of Sweet Adelines, International
$500 Scholarship 2020
The Five Valley Chorus of Sweet Adelines, International is awarding a scholarship for $500 to help further the music education of full-time students enrolled in an accredited learning institution (college or university).
To be eligible for consideration of this scholarship, a student must be a Montana resident and comply with one of the following:
 1. Be a graduating high school student who has been enrolled in a formal music program for at least two years
2. Be presently enrolled in an accredited institution, (college or university), actively participating in music activities
3. Be actively pursuing a college degree while being involved in music activities or pursuing a degree in music education or performance.
The applicant must continue music study through participation in an organized college performance group, but need not be a music major or music minor.
Name: __________________________________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________________
City: ______________________________ State: __________ Zip Code: ____________
Email address: ___________________________________________________________
                                    (Printed or typed – Must be legible)
Phone number: home:_______________________ cell: _________________________
Parent or Guardian (if under 18) _____________________________________________
High School attended: _____________________________________________________

City: ______________________________ State: ___________ GPA: ______________
University or College you will be attending
Name: _________________________________ Address: _________________________
City: ______________________________ State: __________ Zip Code: ____________
Required Documentation:
  1. Completed application form
  2. Official or unofficial High school transcript
  3. Official or unofficial College transcript (if presently enrolled in college)
  4. Vocal audition on, or compact disc (be sure your CD plays on computers or CD players). One selection needs to be more contemporary, as a contrast to your other selection.
  5. List of extra curricular and civic activities
  6. Two letters of recommendation (one from a music instructor)
  7. Short statement expressing your ambitions and goals
Application will be disqualified if all materials are not attached and received in one package.
DEADLINE:  April 1, 2020  (must be received by this date)
Send completed application and CD to:
            Five Valley Chorus Scholarship Fund
            Sweet Adelines International
            Attention: Judy C. Lange
            P.O. Box 1630
            Lolo, Montana 59847
The selection committee will make its decision based on all of the above information.
In the event of a tie, it is possible that a scholarship will be split evenly between the two candidates. Funds will be paid directly to the student upon proof of their enrollment in the University or College of their choice.
A Scholarship recipient who fails to enroll in an accredited college or university in the academic year following this award will forfeit this scholarship. One who withdraws from college and does not transfer to another accredited institution will forfeit any unused portion of this award.
VERIFICATION: The above information is accurate to the best of my knowledge.
Applicant’s Signature: ______________________________________________________
If you wish your CD to be returned please enclose a self-addressed, stamped (padded) envelope or a CD mailer.
An announcement will be sent to the recipient, their school, and the local newspaper by the middle of May, 2020.
An announcement will also appear on the 5 Valley Sweet Adeline web site,, approximately four to six weeks (4 -6) after the deadline date.
The successful recipient will be required to submit an 8 X 10, and a 3 X 5 photo, by July 1, to be used in publications. The photographs will not be returned.
If you have any questions please call Judy at 406-273-2491 or email:

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