Five Valley Chorus
Sweet Adelines International
Missoula, MT
Our Mission Statement: Five Valley Chorus is a family of joyful women bonded together by our love of singing and performing four-part a cappella harmony while providing opportunities for growth and education for women of all ages.


Four Part Harmony 
   Lead               Ringing Chords           Tenor
              A Cappella Singing          Bass    
   Baritone                    Overtones  
Not familiar to you? Here are some links that may help with that:

How did Sweet Adelines get started? will introduce you to the first women to sing four part barbershop harmony and how the organization began and developed.

What are the benefits of being a Sweet Adeline?  will show you how you can grow and develop as you make wonderful friendships and sing barbershop harmony with women from around the world.

What makes this music 'barbershop'? What do some of the words that are used uniquely in 'barbershop' mean?  will help you understand what makes our harmony unique, what voice parts make up the barbershop chord, and what some of the unique barbershop terms mean. Enjoy! 

How can I learn more about Sweet Adelines?  will take you to a survey hosted by Sweet Adelines International. After you complete a very short survey about how you came to be interested in Sweet Adelines, you will be sent a mini-CD directly from Sweet Adelines International as a thank you. 

Can young women sing in Sweet Adelines?
Female singers ages 25 and under are invited to sing with the Young Women in Harmony(YWIH). Each region has a YWIH coordinator to encourage and educate young singers in the art of barbershop singing. See more at

Men barbershoppers across the country belong to the Barbershop Harmony Society. Learn more about their exciting organization at

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